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It has been a very long time since I have participated in any type of workshop, or class of any kind. Your teachers made the learning environment comfortable, and used verbiage relatable to anyone listening. Conversations were not "over my head." While each teacher had her own style, each one was full of knowledge and information about music and opera that I will take with me always. The way I listen to opera has been changed to include new perspective, and broader meaning. My introduction to more modern and contemporary pieces has been piqued. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

{The teaching artists}  were all well posed, confident, and delivered the program with grace, and elegance, and created a welcoming environment to absorb the material in an engaging, and captivating way that made beautiful, tranquil, and smooth. I was super impressed with the rich and effortless knowledge and delivery of all three teachers, well delivered, and well received. 👏👍😀👌 -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

I learned so much about different operas and how the music makes the story come to life- Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant 

The professional, and creative ways in which each presenter…spoke on the various storylines in depth, that immerse your imagination and feelings into each story was amazing and well delivered. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

The teachers {were} able deliver Opera with me in a very educational way instead of just singing. I like that virtues and values are incorporated that makes it so much more valuable. The dedication and passion of the teachers made me as a student to have drive on my healing ❤️‍🩹 journey. Very encouraging and uplifting to bring light 💡 for others. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

{The teaching artists were} knowledgeable and enthusiastic ambassadors for opera -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

I found different ways to enjoy operas. {Unexpected Journeys} helped me understand more about how operas are delivered and how amazing they are! -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

All three teachers were exemplary. Engaging, encouraging, and gently pushing the students to go further with thoughts and observations. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

{Unexpected Journeys} helped me to recognize dramatic and musical patterns as well as recurring themes across operas. It also helped to fill in the gaps I have sometimes felt between the sparse lyrics and the plot escalations (such as instant passionate love or abrupt murderous rage). I learned about operas that were new to me that I would now like to see. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

{Unexpected Journeys} has enhanced my love, imagination and admiration for all categories of Opera, scenes, costumes, singing, storylines. -Anonymous Unexpected Journeys Participant

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