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"Let's Write an Opera": What is Opera, Anyway?'s first in-person educational program!

"Let's Write an Opera!" is a new interactive learning experience in which your students will spend the day exploring the question "What is Opera, Anyway?" by creating (and performing!) their very own opera. 


Prior to our arrival, the WIOA Team will meet with your school's music and classroom teachers to brainstorm ways to integrate your current curriculum into our work throughout the day and original opera performance (for example, writing an opera about the American Revolution, or photosynthesis, or both!).


The day of the workshop, the whole grade will first meet for an assembly to learn what opera is and how it works, and to establish a basic vocabulary of the elements that make up an opera, including words like: composer (person who writes the music), librettist (person who writes the words), & aria (operatic solo).


Opera is all about storytelling. Throughout the day, students will work in small groups with our teaching artists to bring one part of their original story to life. The groups will dive into the creative process in sessions about music, text, and costumes/props. These elements will ultimately come together for one cohesive opera performance at the end of the day 


Session #1 (30 minutes) - "What is Opera, Anyway?" Intro Activity

What makes a good story? What do you need to create an opera? What is Opera, Anyway?


Session #2 (1 hour) - The Music

Each class/group will learn one chorus to be featured in the in-school performance.


Session #3 (1 hour) - The Text

Students will create text for the opera in small groups.


Session #4 (1 hour) - Costumes and Props

Students will create costumes, props, and scenery to be used in their opera.


Dress Rehearsal (30 minutes) and In-School Performance (30 minutes)

OUR GOALS: - to have fun! - to learn the components of opera - to work as a team in the classroom - to write and perform an original opera - to gain confidence in musical performance - to improve communication skills - to reinforce grade-appropriate curriculum in non-traditional ways

For performance examples, check out our spring 2021 "Let's Write an Opera!" YouTube premieres! 

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